Badge Set


Our scientists have mathematically proven that some humans like to wear badges.


As such, we are pleased to present you with a suite of badges featuring your favourite loveable (and not so loveable) characters from across the cosmos.


  • Benedict Wormhole, benevolent and all-powerful leader of mega-corp Wormhole Industries
  • Henry Mosse, a troublemaker
  • Henry Mosse (in Pyjamas), still a troublemaker
  • Seren mosse, pilot and operator of Mosse Family Supplies
  • Sarnylathulox aka. Sally, a deep-void dweller
  • Bruce, a boisterous bartender
  • Critter, a Callistonian desert bat


This message sponsored by Wormhole Industries - Your future is our investment.


Set of 7 badges, each 46 x 46 mm

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